2015 Entertainers

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Non-Musical Entertainment at Outdoor Stages and Roving Entertainment
Promotional materials from non-musical entertainers wanting to play at the 2015 Ohio State Fair were accepted between September and December of 2014. We are no longer accepting materials for the 2015 Fair. If you are interested in being considered for the 2016 Ohio State Fair, please check back in September 2015.

2014 Entertainers

Meet the outstanding entertainers who will perform on stage and across the grounds at the 2014 Ohio State Fair, listed chronologically below.


The Amazing Giants, Daily
These renowned stilt walkers based out of Ohio’s heartland are fun, funky and touch the sky!

Bill’s Nautical Nonsense, Daily
Get serenaded by our floating troubadour in his own land yacht as he drifts through the Fair.

Dino WalkDino Walk, Daily NEW!
Get up close and personal with this 8-foot-tall Tyrannosaurus Rex. You’ll be amazed by your prehistoric, once-in-a-lifetime encounter with this unbelievably realistic dinosaur! 

General William T. Sherman, Daily
This Lancaster, Ohio native and one of America's greatest war heroes will visit with fairgoers while in his natural surroundings at the Civil War Encampment on the Rhodes Center Lawn.

Grand Master Band Organ, Daily NEW!
The largest traveling concert band organ in the country will make its debut at the Fair this year just inside the Cardinal Gate. The 8,000-pound organ features more than 500 pipes and a wide selection of tunes.

Matt’s Family Jam, Daily
Matt and Lisa Rolf and their children form this modern-day family band, performing feel-good, family-friendly music for all ages. Kids can get involved by grabbing a hula hoop and dancing in front of the stage!

President Abraham Lincoln, Daily
History will come alive as this legendary former president of the United States visits the Ohio State Fair.

Spoon ManSpoon Man, July 23 - 28 NEW!
Jim the “Spoon Man” Cruise takes two ordinary household tablespoons and creates an entertaining show filled with unique music and hilarious comedy.

The SupaFun Clown Band, July 23 - 28 NEW!
When they aren’t clowning around, this silly sousaphone-driven band of clowns is banging brass throughout the Fair!

Those Funny Little People, July 23 - 28
Billy Bob and Loretta of “America’s Got Talent” performing group Those Funny Little People will dance and mingle their way through the Fair. 

Chicago Honey Bear Dancers, July 27 - 29 NEW!
These high-energy dancers will have you clapping your hands and singing along as they perform to music spanning decades from Jackson 5 to Katy Perry.

Antwan Towner, July 29 - Aug. 3 NEW!
This spectacular magician blends comedy with mind reading in an unbelievable performance!

Darril EdwardsDarril Edwards, July 29 - Aug. 3 NEW!
Caribbean-born Darril Edwards masterfully plays dynamic rhythms and upbeat grooves on steel drums ranging from authentic island Calypso to contemporary music.

Farmer Rabbit, July 29 - Aug. 3, NEW!
Be sure to say hello to this friendly, fluffy, bib-overall-clad bunny when you visit Kiddieland!

The Hobos, July 29 - Aug. 3 NEW!
Cleveland’s celebrated polka band, the Hobos, will combine comedy and unusual instruments with the same enthusiasm that helped them gain fame on “The Gong Show” in 1976!

Matt Jergens, July 29 - Aug. 3, NEW!
This international gold medalist juggler will leave you captivated and cheering as you watch his implausible tricks.


Paul Isaak, Daily
“High energy” and “fun-filled” are just two phrases that have been used time and time again to describe Paul Isaak’s captivating juggling, unicycling, Machete-shaving show.

Double Vision Magic, July 23 - 28
Are you seeing double? Nope. They are identical twins Mitchell and Michael in this “two-of-a-kind” magic performance with a twin twist.

Spoon Man, July 23 - 28 NEW!
Jim the “Spoon Man” Cruise takes two ordinary household tablespoons and creates an entertaining show filled with unique music and hilarious comedy.

Dave Malmberg

Antwan Towner, July 29 - Aug. 3 NEW!
This magician’s spectacular “Thought Seer” show blends comedy and magic with mind reading. Be careful – he might just know what you’re thinking!

Dave Malmberg, July 29 - Aug. 3, NEW!
Whether he is hanging out with his wisecracking friend Simon Spencer, grouchy farmer Leonard Cribble or clueless Lars Gunderson, ventriloquist David Malmberg and his gaggle of pals will leave you smiling after this show featuring comedy, storytelling and music.

MAIN STREET STAGE presented by CD102.5

Stooge Dudes, Daily NEW!
This smorgasbord of comedy fun combines circus-style stunts and percussion instruments in a magnificently fun performance featuring brothers Roberto the Magnificent and Ricardo de So-So.

Ron Diamond, July 23 - 28
Prepare to be amazed by this accomplished mentalist, hypnotist and magician at one of his interactive daily shows. Each one brings a unique, memorable experience to be retold for years to come.

Catherine Hickland, July 29 - Aug. 3
Catherine Hickland may best be known for her role as Lindsey in “One Life to Live,” but she is also an acclaimed hypnotist and hypnotherapist who can put on a powerful, entertaining, family-friendly, hilarious show.