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Work at the 2022 Ohio State Fair

We are no longer accepting applicants for 2022 Ohio State Fair positions. Please check back in 2023 for future Fair employment opportunities.

Fair Paycheck Pickup:

Post-fair paychecks will be mailed on Friday, Aug. 26. Paychecks will NOT be available for in-person pickup this year. Please allow 10 business days for your paycheck to arrive.

Seasonal jobs:

The Ohio State Fair – it is where work meets fun for less than two weeks of summer! Want your freedom most of the summer, but could use a little cash? With 12 days of work while you’re on summer break, you’ll earn money and be able to use your employee badge to visit the Fair as frequently as you like!

Some of the positions we hire include:

  • Ticket sellers (cashier experience preferred)
  • Ticket takers
  • Shuttle conductors to provide audio tours of the Fair to visitors
  • Shuttle drivers
  • SkyGlider platform attendants (assists guests on and off the rides)
  • Guest Information Services Booth attendant
  • More!

The Ohio Expo Center is an equal opportunity employer and service provider.

Permanent Jobs

For all state of Ohio positions, go to http://careers.ohio.gov/.

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