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Please check back later for 2023 Ohio State Fair information. Next year's Ohio State Fair will run July 26 - Aug. 6, 2023.

Talley Amusements

Talley Amusement Company has more than 200 years of experience providing amusing rides to parks and fairs across the United States. Their commitment to safety and attaining quality equipment is the reason for their astonishing safety record since the company began. Talley Amusements takes their equipment through an aggressive preventative maintenance program and extensively trains all personnel in house.

Download the 2019 Talley Ride Safe Rules and Height Requirements guide


One of the world’s longest portable sky rides is right in your backyard at the Ohio State Fair. Hop on at one of the access points in Kiddieland or near the Cardinal Gate and enjoy a relaxing half-mile journey across the Fair. The SkyGlider does not take ride tickets or use the Midway ride-all-day wristband. Tickets for this attraction are $3 per rider for a one-way ride.

Giant Slide

Grab a burlap sack, hike up the 105 steps and take an exciting trip down this 144-foot long slide!

Mountain Dew Midway (Talley Amusements)

More than 50 rides from Ferris wheel to free-fall drops will twist, turn, plunge, spin, shock and excite fairgoers!

Kiddieland (Talley Amusements)

Parents and children alike can enjoy a visit to Kiddieland with fun rides developed just for kids and their families, including mini-coasters, a kiddie carousel and bumper boats.

Magic Money

Magic Money Information

All Ohio State Fair rides and games are cashless. Instead, reloadable RFID (radio frequency identification) Magic Money cards or wristbands will be scanned at each ride or game.

What is Magic Money? Magic Money is Talley Amusements’ state of the art RFID (radio frequency identification) based digital ticketing system.

Where can I reload my Magic Money? Reload your Magic Money cards or wristbands at one of the hundred points of sale on the grounds with cash or credit. Look for a kiosk labeled “Magic Money.”

Where can I use Magic Money? Magic Money is accepted at rides and games in Kiddieland and on the Mountain Dew Midway.

Do games still take cash, too? No, all games are cashless as of this year; they only accept Magic Money.

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