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Creative Arts

Premium Payments

Payments are in progress. If you do not receive your premium check by Tuesday, Oct. 31, please contact the entry department to check the status of your premium payment. For more specific information, contact Barb Prince in the entry department at (614)-644-4052 or at b.prince@expo.ohio.gov.
The Ohio State Fair’s Creative Arts division offers hundreds of different competition classes. Classes include sewing, fashion, jewelry, leather, needlework and more, and thousands of dollars will be awarded to premium winners.

New Creative Arts Divisions and Classes for 2023 Ohio State Fair

  • Buckeye themed cookie (Division 3104 Class 5)
  • Christmas Tree Decorating (Division 4203 Class 2)
  • Wearable Non-Jewelry Beaded Art (Division 4204 Class 7)
  • Cricut Crafting (Division 4215 Class 1)
  • Brick Art 11-17 (Division 4215 Class 4)
  • Brick Art 18+ (Division 4215 Class 5)
  • Wet felting (Division 4303 Class 4)
  • Duct tape item (Division 4501 Class 2)

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