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$3 Thursdays

The Fair is known for its deep-fried treats, classic Fair dishes, and innovative creations, spotlighting local farmers, businesses, and creations. In preparation for the excitement, the Ohio State Fair welcomes $3 Thursdays, an opportunity to try some beloved “Fair fare” signature food options without breaking the bank! Both Thursdays of the Ohio State Fair, July 25 and Aug. 1, vendors across the Fair will offer smaller versions of a food option of their choice for just $3. Visit the Fair these dates to try all your Fair favorites at lower prices. 

$3 Thursday Items

Items listed below are available on Thursday, July 25 and Thursday, Aug. 1, only.

American Dairy Association Mideast/ Ohio Dairy Producers Association

  • Kiddie Cone

Bailey Concessions

  • Small Lemon Shake Up
  • 1 Pizza Slice
  • Regular Hamburger
  • 1 Pizza Slice
  • Small French Fry
  • Greek Fries
  • Small Donut Tray
  • Ribbon Fries

Berry Barn LLC

  • One Marshall’s waffle
  • Apple Fries
  • Mini order of Chicken and Noodles, Mini order of Beans and Cornbread

Big G’s Food Service

  • 2 oz Sample of Bourbon Chicken
  • Small Ice Cream

Brosco, LLC DBA The Gummy Bear Guy

  • Gummy Pickle

Bubble Tea

  • $3 - 12oz — Buckeye Smoothie, Passionfruit Tea, Thai Tea, or Blueberry Lemonade

Candi’s Concessions

  • Boat of Mini Donuts

Concessions by Cox

  • Small Single Flavor Shaved Ice
  • 12 oz Lemonade
  • 1 Soft or Hard Taco
  • Mini Roast Beef Sundae
  • Sloppy Pig Slider
  • Roast Corn Nibbler

Der Dutchman Restaurant

  • Whoopie Pie

Dickerson & Kenna Concessions

  • Small cheese fry

Doog’s Concessions

  • Small cheese fry

Dre’s Place BBQ, LLC

  • Small cheese fry

Eaton Concessions, LLC DBA Eaton Cookies

  • Bag of 5 Chocolate Chip Cookies
Famous Gabby’s Inc.
  • Pulled Chicken or Pork Slider

Foegen Concessions

  • Corn Dog
  • Cheese One A Stick
  • Small French Fry
  • Small Steak Cut Fries

Fork’et Me Not

  • 1 Fried Chicken Taco,
  • Small Mac & Cheese

Freund Family Foods LLC

  • 16 oz. Slushie

Fun Time Foods

  • Not available at this time

GH Concessions, INC.

  • ½ slice of cheese
  • Funnel Cake

Hickory Tree Turkey BBQ

  • Turkey BBQ Slider with slaw and sauce

Hill Concessions LLC

  • One Deep Fried Oreo

Jenks Concessions

  • 3 Deep Fried Oreos
  • Candy Apple

JL United, LLC DBA Strawberries & Creme

  • 5 oz Strawberry Shooter (Fresh Strawberries and Non-Dairy Whipped Topping)
  • 5 oz Strawberry Iced Tea

Jonathan and Kristen Baker

  • 6 inch Coney Dog

Jumbo Iced Tea LLC

  • Small Tea

Kernel Dave’s Kettle Corn

  • Small Kettle Corn

KG Concessions

  • 2 Deep Fried Oreos
  • 2 pc. Mashed Potatoes

Kolar Concessions LLC

  • Sample Size Fries
  • 1 French Waffle
  • Sample Size Fried Veggie

Lads Management LLC

  • 3 Deep Fried Oreos
  • 12 oz ICEE

Ledesma Concessions

  • Aguas Frescas

Maggie’s Concessions

  • Single Dip Ice Cream Cone

Mai Li Foods

  • Small Lemonade

Mai Li Foods

  • Baby Bourbon
  • 16 oz Tea
  • Large Coffee

Miller & Company Concessions LLC

  • Small Lemonade

Molnar Concessions Inc.

  • Hot Dog Special (Hot Dog, 12 oz fries, 12 oz)

North American Food Service Inc.

  • Flavor Burst Cone (3 oz size)

Ohio Cattlemen’s Association

  • Beef Slider

Ohio Dots – Otter's Concessions

  • “Other” Flavors of Dippin Dots

Ohio Roast Corn

  • Ear of Corn

Ohio Roast Corn - Harvel


Ohio Roast Corn - Beaver

  • Ear of Corn

Philly Pretzel Factory

  • 8 Inch Pretzel Twist

Provenzale Concessions/ Kolar Concessions

  • Sample Size Fries

Prowant Specialty Company

  • Fried Cookie Dough, Brownie or Cheesecake
  • Mini Corndog
  • Mini Fry

Rutana Concessions

  • 24 oz float

S & C Concessions LLC

  • Corndog

Schmidt’s of German Village

  • German Potatoe Salad

Shelah Otterbacher

  • Mini Elephant Ear

Sipe Concessions DBA D. Russo Sausage

  • Sausage Slider

Staci’s Sales LLC

  • Cotton Candy Sticks

Sweet Shop

  • Chocolate Bacon

Sweets-N-Things On Wheels

  • Chocolate Covered Banana

The Apple Cart

  • Sample Size Bag of Cotton Candy

Tracey Company

  • Short Corndog

Wild Bill’s Curly Fries Inc.

  • 1 Chicken Tender
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