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Golf Carts

Please read the updated Ohio State Fair Golf Cart Permit Rules and Regulations prior to purchasing a permit. There are several changes to the rules and regulations for 2023. Golf cart permits will NOT be sold on-site at the Ohio State Fair in 2023.

Golf Cart Permit Submission

Ohio State Fair golf cart rules and regulations have been updated for 2023. Please review the rules prior to purchasing a permit. NO on site golf cart permits will be sold in 2023.
Upload completed Golf Cart Information Form Only PDF files are accepted here.
Upload Copy of Driver's License
Upload Copy of Auto Insurance
I agree to the terms and conditions

Rules and Regulations Agreement

Ohio State Fair officials have updated the rules and regulations surrounding golf cart usage on the Ohio State Fair grounds for 2023. By checking the box below, you certify that all individuals who will be driving the golf cart or other approved vehicle while at the Ohio State Fair have read and agree to abide by the updated rules and regulations. Any Permit holder found in violation of any policy pertaining to golf cart use will automatically forfeit their golf cart permit as well as be subject to golf cart confiscation by the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Golf Cart FAQs

Where can I purchase a golf cart permit?

If I am not making entries, can I still order a golf cart permit online?

How do I pay for my golf cart permit?

Will my permit be mailed to me?

Can I bring the required documents to the fair to get my permit?

I already completed my entry and did not purchase a golf cart permit. How can I purchase one now?

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